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Sun Corridor Inc. convenes Southern Arizona’s top leadership to ensure our competitiveness and address our future economy. As a Chairman’s Circle or Board Member, you could join the ranks of Southern Arizona’s top leadership to both market the megaregion as a business center and influence economic and public policy.
•  Join leadership that is shaping our future economy.
•  Invest in increased business potential.
•  Influence strategies for new job creation and capital investment.
Sun Corridor Inc. investors employ more than 85,000 people throughout Southern Arizona.

A strong economy benefits us all.  

It takes people to make a place prosper. By becoming involved in Sun Corridor Inc. you invest in the future of Southern Arizona. To succeed in an increasingly competitive global marketplace, a community must work together to diversify and build its economy. As an Investor, you share a long term commitment and promise in building a prosperous and diverse business environment.

Why make the commitment?

The fundamental goal of Sun Corridor Inc.'s economic development effort is the creation of a vibrant, attractive, and sustainable economic environment in which businesses can mature and provide wealth-building opportunities for its residents.

Why Investor and Not ‘Member’?

Memberships are selected for what an organization can do for you. You are selecting to join other Investors who believe in their community and work hard every day to make it the best place to live and work for all citizens.

With your investment, we will continue to provide this unique region enhanced growth and prosperity. With your partnership, our announcements of relocations and expansions will continue to grow.

The following is a brief description of Chairman’s Circle, Board of Directors and basic Investment Levels.  Contact us for more information.

Sun Corridor Inc. Chairman’s Circle

The Chairman’s Circle is comprised of Board Members dedicated to advancing the Southern Arizona economy. Top executives in the region meet regularly with our CEO to set strategies and influence Sun Corridor Inc.'s direction.

Sun Corridor Inc. Board of Directors

Sun Corridor Inc. is governed by a diverse Board of Directors. This group includes leaders from business, education, nonprofit and government.  Sun Corridor Inc. Board of Directors meet quarterly to implement a strong workplan aimed at increasing our region's competitiveness.

Sun Corridor Inc. Investor

Sun Corridor Inc. investors make a commitment to advancing our region's economy. Our investors participate in meetings with company officials and Sun Corridor Inc.'s Soft Landing program.

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"We see our partnership with Sun Corridor Inc. as critical to our ability for our business to grow. When Sun Corridor Inc. works to recruit businesses, that helps our business. It's a strategic partnership." ~Lisa Lovallo Vice President & Systems Manager, Cox Communications Southern Arizona

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