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    Otto Environmental Systems North America, Inc. Expands in Southern Arizona

    Tuesday, December 15, 2015

    ELOY, AZ (December 15, 2015) - Otto Environmental Systems North America, Inc., a manufacturer and service provider of waste and recycling containers, will add 32 manufacturing and assembly jobs over three years at its Eloy, Ariz., location. This project has a total economic impact of nearly $9 million.

    Initially, the company will hire 12 employees for 2016. Hiring begins in December 2015 and will be managed by Adecco, 703 N Olive Ave, Casa Grande, AZ. Interested candidates may call (520) 421-1707 for more information. Over time, the facility will
    add 5,125 square feet of light industrial space at 901 North Tweedy Road in Eloy.

    "We're pleased that we have the facilities and talent right here to continue to grow and expand in Eloy and Pinal County," says Otto Environmental Operations Manager Dwayne Gibson. "We have seen an uptick in business, which will warrant a 30-40% increase in capacity."

    The company manufactures residential refuse and recycling carts; commercial refuse and recycling containers; litter receptacles; and document security containers. Services also include container management; assembly, distribution and recovery; container graphics and recycling; and other technology solutions to meet customer needs.

    "Pima and Pinal counties are in key strategic locations within the Sun Corridor, one of only 10 U.S. markets expected to see most of the nation's growth in the next 35 years," says Sun Corridor Inc. Executive Vice President David Welsh. "We look forward to furthering mutual interests/cooperation and collectively advancing our region."

    Partners in the project include the Arizona Commerce Authority, Pinal County, the City of Eloy and Access Arizona.

    About Otto Environmental Systems North America, Inc.:
    Otto Environmental Systems North America, Inc. (OESNA), headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., manufactures residential and commercial waste containers. The company includes a container service division that provides residential waste container logistics, distribution, services, and repairs. OESNA is the U.S. division of Otto Group BV, a privately held European-based company specializing in waste collection products and services. Founded in 1934, the Otto Group has manufacturing locations around the globe, and Otto containers are the most widely used brand of residential carts in the world. For more information, visit www.otto-usa.com.

    About Sun Corridor Inc.:
    Sun Corridor Inc. offers a comprehensive approach of programs and services to facilitate the creation of high-wage jobs, through the attraction of new primary companies, the retention/expansion of existing primary companies and increased business creation/entrepreneurship strength throughout Southern Arizona. For more information, visit www.suncorridorinc.com.

    Media Contacts:
    Contact Laura Shaw, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Sun Corridor Inc., (520) 243-1940 office, (520) 609-5972 mobile, laura.shaw@suncrridorinc.com
    Dwayne Gibson, Operations Manager, Otto Environmental Systems North America Inc., (520) 381-3403 office, (520) 903-8121 mobile, dwayne.gibson@otto-usa.com
    Christina Burns, Marketing Communications Specialist, Otto Environmental Systems North America Inc., (704) 583-522 office, christina.burns@otto-usa.com


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