Cost of Living & Taxes

Cost of Living

The fact that Southern Arizona is comparable to some of the most affordable markets west of the Mississippi provides a competitive edge. With a Cost of Living Index a 97.1 (source: ACCRA Cost of Living Index, 2014), Tucson and Southern Arizona enjoy a high-quality lifestyle less expensive than major markets like San Diego, Portland, Denver and Las Vegas.


Arizona’s tax structure is competitive and business-friendly, and the worker’s compensation and unemployment insurance costs are among the lowest in the United States. With a low flat-rate corporate tax and a decreasing individual tax burden, Arizona gains a competitive advantage and is Southern Arizona's partner in economic development.
Per Capita
In 2011, Arizona state tax collections were $1,682 per capita. Arizona ranks 47th out of the 50 states in per capita state tax amount.

Sales Tax Rates
State Tax Rate 5.6%
Rank 28
Ave. Local Tax Rate 2.57%
Combined Tax Rate 8.17%
Rank 11
Maximum Local Rate 5.3%
Source:, Sales Tax Clearinghouse, Tax Foundation Calculations; 2014

State Unemployment Tax Rate
Wages Subject to Tax $7,000
Minimum Rate 0.02%
Maximum Rate 6.67%
New Employer Rate 2.00%
Source:, U.S. Department of Labor; Jan 2014

Tax Burden
The residents of Arizona now have the tenth-lowest tax burden in the United States. According to The Tax Foundation Arizona taxpayers pay $3,006 per capita in state and local taxes. Estimated now at 8.4% of income, Arizona's state and local tax burden percentage is below the national average of 9.9%.

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