Economic Blueprint

Securing our Future

TREO's Economic Blueprint offers a common vision for a new, more diversified and stronger economy, and an action plan for providing prosperity for us all.

The release of the Economic Blueprint plan followed many months of public discussion, extensive market analyses and the strategic input of the Blueprint's 46-member Blueprint Steering Committee, made up of a broad-based group of public and private sector leaders. As a result, the Economic Blueprint identified five major focus areas -- the Power of Five -- designed to boldly secure and shape this region's destiny. Click on each of the focus areas below to learn more about the goals and strategies outlined in the Blueprint.

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"Imagine Tucson's Future"
Blueprint Testimonials

NEW:  TREO Board leadership updated the Economic Blueprint in 2014, with release of new strategies and recommendations. Learn more here.

Achieving a Competitive Economy

 High-Skilled/High-Wage Jobs

 Educational Excellence

 Urban Renaissance

 Livable Communities

 Collaborative Governance & Stewardship

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Adopting an economic development plan and vision for the future will ensure regional prosperity for decades to come.


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